Small towns, four seasons of outdoor-
recreation, arts, and things to
do with the whole family

Our Namesake

The Sugar River begins at Lake Sunapee and ends at the Connecticut River. The 27-mile journey features an elevation drop of nearly 800 feet that has powered this region for over 100 years. Today, the Sugar River and other natural assets in Sullivan County connect us to the great outdoors in ways that we hope will power our future.

Year Round Destination

Each season in the Sugar River Region promises something extraordinary, and every time you travel here, you
truly feel what we mean when we say the Sugar River Region is a great place to live and visit!

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Fall

  • Winter

Discover the Communities of the Sugar River Region

Each of the Sugar River Region’s fourteen towns and one city form part of the region’s unique offering.

  • Acworth
    Population: 853

  • Charlestown
    Population: 5,021

  • Claremont
    Population: 12,969

  • Cornish
    Population: 1,616

  • Croydon
    Population: 801

  • Goshen
    Population: 796

  • Grantham
    Population: 3,404

  • Langdon
    Population: 684

  • Lempster
    Population: 1,168

  • Newport
    Population: 4,729

  • Plainfield
    Population: 2,459

  • Springfield
    Population: 1,259

  • Sunapee
    Population: 3,487

  • Unity
    Population: 1,616

  • Washington
    Population 1,192

Recreation is Our Way of Life

From beautiful trails to world-class paragliding, the Sugar River Region has recreational
opportunities for everyone.

  • Mountain Biking

  • Hiking

  • Water Sports

  • Winter Sports

Proud of our Rich History
and Heritage

The Sugar River Region offers year-round recreation, exciting career opportunities, and affordable housing in a small-town environment. Learn more about why residents love living in the Sugar River Region and the next steps to moving to the region.

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Fun for the Whole Family

Families can find a variety of activities in the Sugar River Region to keep everyone happy and having fun. Try different hiking trails, play on the beaches of Lake Sunapee, or enjoy cool evenings at one of the region’s campsites.

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A Deep History and
Appreciation of the Arts

The Sugar River Region’s manufacturing past has carried over into its arts scene today. From the MakerSpace in Claremont to the Newport Opera House, the region has shown that it invests in the arts.

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Country Stores, Regional Products & Agritourism Experiences

The Sugar River Region has U-pick farms, farm stands, and other agritourism experiences that supply communities and visitors with a range of exciting experiences, fresh produce, maple syrup, dairy products, and other farm or locally made products.

  • Country Store

  • Maple Syrup

  • Pick Your Own Produce

  • Flowers & Gardens