Lempster Windmills

Lempster, New Hampshire, is a small town located in Sullivan County in the southwestern part of the state. It was named for Sir Thomas Fermor, Second Baron Leominster (which, crazily enough, it actually pronounced “Lem-ster”). While the town may not be widely known throughout the state of New Hampshire, it holds its own charm and uniqueness.

East Lempster NH White Church. Image Credit: Doug Kerr on Flickr.

Lempster Community Facts: 

  • Population: 1,118 (as of 2020 decennial census)
    • Grown by 15.1% since 2000 
  • When the first census was taken in 1790, there were 415 total residents 
  • Incorporated in 1772
    • Originally granted in 1735 by Governor Belcher of Massachusetts as Number 9, a line of forts established to guard against attacks from Native American tribes. 
  • Area: 32.3 square miles

Natural Landscape of Lempster

Lempster’s natural landscape is defined by its dense wooded areas, rolling hills, and streams. There are many opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing, and hunting. The nearby Pillsbury State Park offers camping, hiking trails, and scenic views. Such opportunities in a rural area has been a major pull for younger couples looking for a fresh start and wanting to be closer to nature. 

Cube-Shaped Boulder in Lempster NH. Image Credit: Msact CC BY-SA 4.0.

In the forested regions of Lempster, one can find plenty of large boulders that are likely a product of glacial movement. Today they stand as gigantic natural monuments along trails and hidden away in the trees. Prominent geographical features include Lempster Mountain and Bean Mountain, which has a summit of 2,326 feet and is the highest point in the town. There are numerous rivers and tributaries, such as Giles Brook which flows into the South Branch of the Sugar River, Ashuelot River, and the Cold River. You’ll also find plenty of small bodies of water, including Dodge Pond, Long Pond, and Sand Pond. Similar to many rural towns with lots of land, Lempster has two main locales: Lempster village and East Lempster. 

The Lempster Wind Farm 

Lempster is mostly known for being the first town in the state of New Hampshire to be home to a modernized and commercial-scale windmill farm. The Wind Farm consists of a series of 12 turbines producing 24 megawatts of electricity together atop Lempster Mountain and surrounding hills. It was developed by Granite Reliable Power, a subsidiary of Brookfield Renewable Partners, and became operational in 2008.

The wind farm plays a significant role in New Hampshire’s renewable energy landscape, contributing clean and sustainable electricity to the region. The turbines harness the power of the wind to generate electricity, which is then fed into the grid to power homes, businesses, and communities in the area.

Lempster NH Pond and Windmill Farm View. Image Credit: Bruce Denis on Flickr.

While the wind farm has provided environmental benefits by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions, its presence has also sparked discussions about land use, aesthetics, and the impact on local wildlife. Some residents and environmentalists have raised concerns about the visual impact of the turbines on the scenic landscape and potential disruption to wildlife habitats. 

Despite these initial concerns, the Lempster Wind Farm remains a notable example of renewable energy development in New Hampshire, demonstrating the potential for wind power to contribute to a more sustainable energy future. As renewable energy technologies continue to evolve, projects like the Lempster Wind Farm can serve as important milestones in a transition towards cleaner and greener energy sources. 

Lempster Mountain Wind Turbines. Image Credit: Josh Graciano on Flickr.

Living in Lempster: Demographics and Housing

Median Age 43.2
# of Households 316
# of Housing Units 656
Employment Rate 55.7%
Median Household Income (Annual) $89,000
Per Capita Income $33,842
% Population Below Poverty Line 7.3%
Median Gross Rent $967

Lempster town profile, United States Census Bureau


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