Sunapee Town

Bordering Mount Sunapee and Lake Sunapee, activity abounds in this little town where residents and visitors can take advantage of all four New England seasons. Sunapee Harbor and the Sugar River have played a significant role in the town’s history and development. Today, the newly created Riverwalk offers an interesting and scenic stroll. Beginning at the harbor, a natural path passes the Old Town Hall (now known as the Harbor House Livery), which dates back to the 19th century and leads downhill to Coffin Park, next to the new Town Hall. 

Known mainly for the 6th largest lake in the state, Lake Sunapee, the town has a four-season draw. Visitors come not only for lake activities in the summer but also foliage and mountain biking in the fall, skiing at Mt. Sunapee Resort in the winter, and hiking year-round.