YMCA Camp Coniston in Croyden. Image credit: Lifeinthe03753 (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Sugar River Region Featured Community: Croydon, NH – From Lake Coniston to the Croydon Turnpike

Taking its name from a suburb of London in England, the Town of Croydon was chartered in 1763 and is located in central Sullivan County – lying within the Connecticut River Watershed. The North Branch of the Sugar River flows southward through the town. Lake Coniston is one of the most popular spots in the summertime, where opportunities for fishing, swimming, kayaking, and water fun in general abound. One of the only artisanal breweries in the region, Polyculture Brewing, calls Croydon home. Cozy up around the campfire at Loon Lake Campground and Function Lodge for a comfortable evening camping. Here’s what all Croydon has to offer. 

President Biden at Loon Lake Campground in Croydon, NH in 2019. Image Credit: Adam Schultz on Flickr.

Croydon Community Facts: 

  • Incorporated in 1763
  • In 1790, the year of the first census, the population of Croydon was 537
  • Land Area: 36.8 square miles
  • Inland Water Area: 0.7 square miles
  • YMCA Camp Coniston has been in operation for over 100 years, since 1911

Connecting with Nature: Outdoor Adventures in Croydon

There are plenty of outdoor activities and adventures to be had in and around Croydon. Hiking and exploring the trails in the nearby Grantham Town Forest is certainly an adventure –  the forest has multiple trails of varying difficulty that lead to scenic views, historic ruins, and other natural features.

Snowshoeing and snowmobiling are also great activities to partake in during the winter months. There’s just over 8 miles of trail to use on the Croydon Turnpike, a Class VI road that is maintained for winter use by the local snowmobile club – the Blue Mountain Snow Dusters. 

Camp Coniston is a beloved overnight youth camp located on Lake Coniston in Croydon. The camp’s location on the scenic lake, surrounded by forests, provides an ideal setting for summer camp experiences focused on personal development, skill-building, and outdoor recreation. This combination of natural beauty, varied programming, and residential camp experience is what makes YMCA Camp Coniston so popular, especially among youth looking for a quintessential New England summer camp experience.

Paddle Board on Lake Coniston in Croydon, NH. Image Credit: Jen Eisel.

Living in Croydon: Demographics and Housing

The town is home to the Croydon Historical Society, which operates a 1790 colonial home museum that is open by appointment. Visitors can learn about the town’s history and see artifacts from the colonial era. The town is also home to Corbin Park, a large private hunting preserve that is open to the public. 

In terms of accommodations, there are no major hotels or resorts in Croydon itself. However, the nearby town of Newport offers a variety of lodging options, including inns, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. Visitors can also find camping (such as at Loon Lake) and RV sites in the surrounding area.

Overall, Croydon is a small, historic New England town that offers a glimpse into the region’s colonial past, as well as some outdoor recreation opportunities. While it may not have a wealth of tourist attractions, it can be a peaceful and scenic stop for those exploring the Granite State.

The following is a quick snapshot of statistics about Croydon. As with many communities in the region, English, French, Irish, Polish, and German make up the large majority of its residents’ ancestry, with 1.6% of the population speaking other Indo-European languages other than English at home. 

Median Age 51
# of Households 232
# of Housing Units 401
Employment Rate 54.5%
Median Household Income (Annual) $96,875
Per Capita Income $38,456
% Population Below Poverty Line 10.2%
Median Gross Rent $1,532

Croydon town profile, United States Census Bureau

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