Where to Eat

The Sugar River Region has food and beverage establishments for people who work, live, and travel to the region including, cafes, bakeries, food trucks, restaurants, diners, taverns, fine dining, breweries, and more. After a day of fun, you’ll find plenty of places to eat with excellent service and spectacular views.

Check out an updated list of places to eat and drink on the Visit New Hampshire website or take a peek at the list of unique Sugar River Region establishments on this page.

Country and General Stores

The region’s unique food offering is delis, village, and general stores. They are important food locations outside the Claremont, Newport, and Sunapee areas. These places are great stopping points for people traveling throughout the region looking for a quick lunch on the road. In addition to good sandwiches and simple food, these stores are a great place to find locally produced goods and knick-knacks.

Plainfield Country Store

1190 Rte 12A Plainfield, NH 03781

(603) 709-7055


Meriden Deli Mart

809 NH-120, Meriden, NH 03770

(603) 469-3222


Sunapee Trading Post

1383 New Hampshire Rte 103, Newbury, NH 03255

(603) 414-2758


Washington General Store

29 N Main St, Washington, NH 03280

(603) 495-3131


South Acworth Village Store

1068 NH-123A, South Acworth, NH 03607

(603) 835-6547


Goshen Country Store

7 Brook Rd, Goshen, NH 03752

(603) 863-6331


Leo’s One-Stop Market

130 Main St, Claremont, NH 03743

(603) 542-8007


Rum Brook Market & Deli

249 Route 10 N, Grantham, NH 03753

(603) 863-5471