Located in the southern region of Sullivan County, Acworth offers the charm of a small New England town. Acworth was incorporated in 1752, and by the mid-1800s, it had a thriving agricultural industry and sawmills, a gristmill, and a shoe and boot manufacturer. Today visitors can dive into the town’s history and culture by exploring the rustic wooden factories and mills and the Acworth Silsby Library and Congregational Church.

The South Acworth Village Store, a community-run general store, is a staple of this small town and a gathering place for the community. Stop by for locally produced products and hot and cold food made fresh daily. Another attraction near Acworth is Bascom Maple Farms, one of New England’s largest producers of pure maple syrup. Finally, Acworth is known for its museum-quality crystals, such as beryl, a precious mineral used to create an ingredient in nearly every modern device!