Plan Your Fall Foliage Tour Now!

East Washington Pond. Image Credit: Monica Scanlan.

Plan Your Fall Foliage Tour Now!

Written by Thomas Freilich on September 1, 2023. 

As the warmth of summer gives way to the crispness of autumn, there’s no better time to embark on a scenic adventure through the stunning landscapes of New Hampshire’s Sugar River Region. The region’s vibrant fall foliage, combined with its historical sites, charming fields of pick-your-own produce, and picturesque routes, make it an ideal destination for an unforgettable fall foliage tour. 


Connecticut River during a Fall Sunset. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

Immerse Yourself in Art and History at Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park:

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Sugar River Region, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park offers a unique blend of art, history, and natural beauty. Admire the intricate sculptures and artwork of renowned artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens as you stroll through the park’s serene surroundings. The seasonal beauty of the foliage adds an extra layer of enchantment to your experience. Check out our blog dedicated solely to Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park to learn more about what the park has to offer. 

Berkshire Apple Orchard. Image Credit: Massachusetts Office Of Travel & Tourism (Flickr).

Apple-Picking Delights at Charming Orchards:

No fall tour is complete without a visit to an apple orchard, especially in the Sugar River Region. Engage in quintessential fall activities such as apple picking and cider tasting. These activities coupled with the beautiful foliage practically guarantee a great outing. There are two orchards in the Sugar River Region where you can pick your own apples – Riverview Farm in Plainfield and King Blossom Farm in Grantham. These two orchards offer a variety of apples, so you’ll find pretty much any kind of apple you’re looking for and more! At Riverview and King Blossom, there’s rows upon rows of bright and blooming apple trees. All the reds, yellows, and oranges of the trees and apples really add to the seasonal beauty of our gorgeous region. Unfortunately, due to the challenges of the weather this year, Riverview won’t be offering pick-your-own apples in their orchard but will still be selling some delicious cider and apples in the barn. King Blossom fortunately managed to escape the frost unharmed and have all their usual apple types to offer! Be sure to add both Riverview Farm and King Blossom as stops on your fall foliage tour!


Pillsbury State Park Foliage. Image Credit: Sullivan County.

Nature’s Haven at Pillsbury State Park:

For nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts, a visit to Pillsbury State Park is a must. This park is a haven for outdoor adventurers, with its extensive network of hiking trails. Meander through the trails enveloped in the vibrant colors of autumn leaves, and experience the tranquility of the season. 

Unity Mountain Trail behind the Sullivan County Complex. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

Scenic Routes to Explore:

For those who want to experience the beauty of the Sugar River Region’s fall exploring scenic routes. While these routes are often traveled by visitors and locals alike, you should still consider taking the following routes to see some beautiful New Hampshire scenery. You can always take shortcuts or turn offs to explore back roads or roads less traveled in the Sugar River Region.

  • Route 10 and Route 103: These winding routes will lead you through captivating landscapes, charming towns, and foliage-covered hillsides.
  • Route 12 A: Known for its stunning views, Route 12 A offers a memorable journey along the Connecticut river.


To conclude, New Hampshire’s Sugar River Region really offers an array of experiences for a memorable fall foliage tour. From exploring historical sites to indulging in apple-picking adventures, hiking through vibrant trails, and meandering along scenic routes, this region is a perfect destination for immersing yourself in the splendor of autumn. Plan your trip now, and embark on a journey that promises to leave you with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the changing seasons.

P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming Sugar River Region covered bridge tour! This will be another great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the fall season. Check our blog page again in a few weeks to read more!