From Cozy Corners in Claremont to Fireside Nooks in Newport

Snowy Gazebo with DoC in the Background, Unity. Image Credit: Sullivan County Government.

From Cozy Corners in Claremont to Fireside Nooks in Newport

Written by Sylecia Johnston on January 3rd, 2024

Moving past the hustle and bustle of the holidays this winter season, one can find warm spaces and hidden gems in Sullivan County that invite you to unwind and indulge in the simple joys of life. Whether for a weekend retreat from the big city or a quick day drive to the Sugar River Region, we hope this article inspires you to set off on a charming, hobbit-esque adventure with a friend this winter.   

And for you locals, this may be motivation to get out of your own house, to socialize in comfort and connect with friends on a more intimate level, building community and encouraging loved-ones to get out of the winter funk and away from new year pressures that can often be overwhelming this time of year.

Warm Savory Spaces

Sugar River Region is dotted with cozy lounges, cafes, and tucked-away spots that invite you to linger a little longer. Venture beyond the familiar and discover places where the aroma of fresh coffee mingles with the warmth of friendly conversations. Each venue, from bakeries to bars, tells a unique story, providing the perfect backdrop for your moments of escape. No shade to Dunkin’, but maybe instead check out The Barn Cafe, Ramunto’s or Taverne on the Square in Claremont; Farmer’s Table or Salt-Hill Pub in Newport;  The Sumner House in Charlestown and Suna in Sunapee. 

Salt Hill Pub in Lebanon, NH. Image Credit: AdamChandler86 on Flickr.

Fireside Bliss and Breakfast

As the crisp air of New Hampshire envelopes the region, there’s something magical about finding a fireside nook to call your own. Imagine sipping on a hot beverage, wrapped in a blanket, while the crackling fire provides the soundtrack to your day. Sugar River Region’s inns and lodges offer the perfect setting for these romantic moments, where the ambiance is as warm as the hearth. Take a look at our list of lodging options, including cozy bed and breakfast accommodations, on our “where to stay” webpage. 

Sitting by the Fireplace with a Cup of Tea. Image Credit: Oleksandr P. on Pexels.

Bookworm’s Paradise

For those who find solace in the written word, Sullivan County holds a few special nooks for you. A local bookshop with inviting reading corners and libraries with a charm of their own beckon you to lose yourself in a good book as the world outside slows down, allowing you to savor every page. Philip Read Memorial Library in Plainfield or Olive G Pettis Library in Goshen are great examples of the quaint, public libraries in the region, while Violet’s Book Exchange in Claremont is an instagram-worthy shop for those loved second-hand stories.

Piles of Books on the Table. Image Credit: SOO CHUL PARK on Pexels.

Connecting with Community this Winter

The art of slowing down and savoring life is cultivated in our tucked-away communities. Adding an intentional effort this winter to connect with people or experience something new on your own quaint adventure can bring special glimmers and warm moments that inspire and stick with you through the season. Whether you’re a local seeking a familiar escape with a friend or a visitor from nearby regions on a day drive, these cozy spots invite you to linger, appreciate, and make lasting memories in Sullivan County’s tranquility. So, why not sneak out of the cold and into a pub for a hot toddy or share a special moment with someone while you slowly sip a cup of joe? Plan your winter adventure in the Sugar River Region today!

“Sleigh Ride.” Image Credit: Monica Scanlan.