Egg-citing Spring Activities in the Sugar River Region

Snowdrops (Galanthus woronowii). Image source: Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Egg-citing Spring Activities in the Sugar River Region

Originally written by Madeline Ferland on April 1, 2023. This post has been updated for Spring 2024. 

Spring – that wonderful time of year to finally get outside and explore all that the Sugar River Region has to offer. From Easter egg hunts to spring skiing, there are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. Here are some of fun events and activities to do this spring in Sullivan County.

Spring Activity #1: Build A Peeps Diorama (Or View The Display) in Newport 

A Favorite SpringActivity: Library Arts Center Peeps Diorama Contest. Image Credit: Library Arts Center.

One of the most popular springtime events that takes place (13 years and running!) is the Peeps Diorama Display – perfect for families and a unique way to celebrate this time of year. The Peeps Diorama Display is a contest where participants create a diorama using Peeps marshmallow candies. The dioramas can be based on any theme, from movie scenes to historical events. They are displayed for the public to view and vote on, with prizes awarded to the top entries. The Peeps Diorama Display is typically held at the Richards Free Library in Newport and runs for several days around Easter. It’s a fun and creative way to celebrate the season and is a great opportunity for families to work together on a fun project. 

Spring Activity #2: Go For A Hike

The Moody Park Trail in Claremont. Image Credit: Joey Labounty.

Embarking on a Spring hike in the Sugar River region unveils myriad natural wonders and scenic views. When the sun stays out longer, the old snow and slush begins to melt, and the weather slowly warms, it’s a wonderful time for some outdoor exercise. Wander through our outstanding trails, enveloped by budding flora and the sounds of nature awakening from winter’s sleep.

Some of the most recognizable trails in the region include the Moody Park Trail in Claremont, French’s Ledges in Plainfield, and the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway in Goshen. However, there are hundreds of miles of trails throughout the Sugar River Region waiting to be explored.

Spring Activity #3: Easter Egg Hunt

Another Beloved Spring Activity – Smiling Girls Holding Bucket With Easter Eggs. Image Credit: RDNE Stock Project on Pexels.

Easter egg hunts are an all-time classic spring activity that’s fun for the whole family. This spring, there will be three different hunts for the kiddos to participate in, as well as some fun spring activities and crafts. Claremont Parks and Recreation Department‘s annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held at Arrowhead Lodge and Recreation area. Newport’s Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Newport Recreation will happen on the Town Common. Grantham Recreation’s Springtime Egg Hunt will happen in the Grantham Town Building. Bring your own basket and appropriate shoes (it’s still muddy out there!) and be ready to go on the quest of the season.

Spring Activity #4: Maple Weekend and Maple Sugar Harvesting

Spring Time Delight – New Hampshire Pure Maple Syrup. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

Spring is the time of year when maple syrup is harvested. While Maple Weekend just passed (third weekend in March every year), this event has always been a New England fan favorite – an entire weekend to visit sugar shacks to taste test, buy maple syrup, learn how it’s made, and purchase other maple flavored and themed goods. There are many sugar shacks in the Sugar River Region (we do love our sugar) – check out the New Hampshire Maple Producers website directory page to see registered sugarhouses in the area. 

Spring Activity #5: Visit A Local Farm Stand 

Farm store with fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.

Farm Store With Fresh Fruits And Vegetables For Sale. Image Credit: Sdkb. CC BY-SA 4.0.

When the trees and flowers burst into bloom and the farms come to life in the Sugar River Region, where the magic of spring is really evident! One of the best activities to get you out of the house is visiting local farm stands and stores. There are many farms around here offering a variety of fresh produce, plants, flowers, and other natural goods that are starting to open in the spring. From juicy strawberries and crisp apples to colorful tulips and fragrant lilacs, there is plenty to go around. 

Spring Activity #6: Mount Sunapee Slush Cup 

Image of snow skier skimming across a slushy pool of water.

Skier Skimming Across A Slushy Pool of Water In A Slush Cup. Image Credit: Joe Shlabotnik. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Mount Sunapee’s wildly entertaining annual Slush Cup event features fearless skiers and snowboarders launching themselves off a jump and skimming across a 90 feet long pool of icy slush. Spectators cheer on the brave competitors and enjoy hot chocolate and festive music. Participants often don wacky outfits and superhero costumes to stand out from the crowd. The annual Slush Cup is the perfect way to celebrate the melting of winter and create unforgettable memories.

Spring Activity #7: Cardboard Sled Races

Two children in a cardboard sled that is spray painted #1.

Two Children In A Cardboard Sled Compete In The Cardboard Sled Race. Image Credit: EaglebrookSchool. (CC BY 2.0)

Let your imagination run wild and bring your childhood dreams to life at one of the local cardboard sled races in the Sugar River Region! Arrowhead Recreation Area’s Annual Cardboard Sled Race is back! The race in Claremont usually occurs at the end of February. (Check out the post here.) The Cardboard Sled Race hosted at Mount Sunapee typically happens on the same day as the Slush Cup at the end of March. 

Cardboard Sled Races event challenges participants to create their own sleds entirely out of cardboard, duct tape, wax, and paint before racing them down a thrilling course. From pirate ships to race cars, the design possibilities are endless. Don’t have a sled? No problem! Spectators can enjoy the action and cheer on from the sidelines. With prizes for the fastest sleds and the most creative designs, this is the perfect way to enjoy some end-of-winter fun.

What Are Your Favorite Sugar River Region Spring Activities?

There’s no shortage of fun and exciting spring activities to do in the Sugar River Region. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or family-friendly events, there’s something for everyone. So come on out of hibernation, breathe some fresh spring air and enjoy all that our community has to offer!

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