Celebrating Independence Day in Claremont: Music, Food, and Fireworks

Crowd as the Sun Sets part 2. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

Celebrating Independence Day in Claremont: Music, Food, and Fireworks

On July 3, 2024, the Sugar River Region community came together to celebrate Independence Day in Claremont. Supported by the Claremont Parks & Recreation Department and our local Wal-Mart, the annual Independence Day Celebration in Claremont is a testament to the town’s community spirit and patriotism. It is a cherished tradition, drawing residents, visitors, and everyone around to gather and revel in the festivities.

Fireworks part 3. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

Community Engagement on Independence Day

One of the highlights of celebrating Independence Day in Claremont is the strong sense of community that you don’t often find elsewhere. Walking down into Monadnock park, seeing all the families and teenagers with their friends and kiddos running around, especially with the music jamming and lights aglow from the vendor booths and glow sticks – it’s a sight that puts a smile on your face. The event is completely free to attend, welcoming everyone to join in the fun. Donations are graciously accepted, if you appreciate the show and want to see the tradition continue. 

A Very Busy Monadnock Park at Independence Day Celebration in Claremont. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

As an incentive to give back to the community, there is a 50/50 raffle held to support next year’s fireworks show. When I purchased my raffle ticket, I chatted with some of the local volunteers, who shared stories of their experiences and the pride they feel in contributing to this beloved tradition. Some of them had been participating in and attending the Independence Day Celebration in Claremont for years, and one gentleman said, “This celebration is my favorite event around. Everyone always has a great time, it’s a beautiful time of year, and the fireworks show is spectacular. It’s a pleasure to volunteer and be here.” 

Parking and Accessibility

Parking was available along Broad Street and Pleasant Street. For those with accessibility needs, Monadnock Park offered reserved parking for people with disabilities and authorized vendors. Unfortunately, parking can be quite difficult on both Broad and Pleasant streets, often requiring parallel parking and busy traffic. However, I was lucky enough to find a spot in the downtown “bullpen”, which wasn’t a far walk at all, just a couple blocks. This is also a good location if you want to window shop, maybe stop for a bite to eat at Taverne on the Square or Daddy’s Pizza, and you don’t mind walking five minutes or so to Monadnock Park. 

Pro Tip: Parking further away may allow you to escape the dreaded traffic after the event! No one wants to get stuck and sit in traffic at 10pm at night…

Celebrating Independence Day at Monadnock Park in Claremont 

Starting around 6:00 pm as the evening settled in, I could feel the buzz of excitement starting to swell and grow louder with the crowd, with more and more arriving at Monadnock Park. The park, with its lush greenery and ample open space, provides a perfect setting for the celebration. Families spread out on blankets, children run around with sparklers, and friends catch up under the evening sky. 

The Crowd in Monadnock as the Sun Sets. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

I brought a small picnic blanket with me to sit on and found a spot closer to the rear of the field, but still with a central view of where the fireworks would be. It was a fantastic location, I could see nearly all the activities and view the show. I even treated myself to a plate of delicious fried dough, having my own little picnic and watching the fun unfold. 

The Food and Vendors

The food and vendor stalls had people queued up in long lines waiting to get a plate of fried dough, a loaded hot dog, or a perfectly-cooked cheeseburger. The aroma of fried food and summertime staples filled the air, and everything smelled delicious! Alongside, stalls selling a variety of (non-alcoholic) drinks and novelty items added to the festive atmosphere. 

Queues for Vendors at Monadnock Park. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

You’d find everything from patriotic memorabilia, to glow sticks, and even hand-held sparklers. I think it would be really neat to have more vendor stalls selling local crafts or homemade goods (almost like a farmers market) for future Independence Day Celebrations. That way we customers and attendees can support small and local businesses as well as enjoy the festivities. 

The Music 

By 6:30, the stage was set for some live entertainment. The Chris Pallutto Trio, featuring the talented Adam McMahon, strikes up the first notes of what will be a captivating performance. Their blend of classic rock and blues sets the perfect tone for the evening. It’s always heartwarming to see people jamming and kids dancing carelessly to the music. There were at least a couple hundred people and families sitting in the grass field listening to the music and watching the performance. Their music carried through the air all evening, making the event feel like a family-friendly festival scene. 

The Chris Pallutto Trio and Adam McMahon Performance. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

Outdoor music events in the summer are a go-to for the Sugar River Region. I mean who doesn’t like live music on a warm summer night? Outdoor and live music events are something Discover Sugar River Region plans to do more of. In the future, we’ll create DSRR original events and collaborate with already existing events to bring more fun and enjoyment to the community. 

Grand Finale: The Fireworks Show

Finally, as the sun sets and the live music winds down, anticipation builds for the main event: the fireworks display. At 9:30, nearly just on the dot, the national anthem played, marking the beginning of a spectacular show. A high pitched squeal followed by the first burst of color lights up the sky! Even though we see fireworks every year, the mesmerizing dance of lights and sound never ever seems to get old. The “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd, especially the kids, are always entertaining to hear and sometimes giggle inducing. It’s a beautiful sight. Each explosion cast a shimmering glow over the park. After almost 20 minutes, the show wraps up with a massive finale followed by cheers, hoots and hollers from the crowd. You can watch the grand finale on our YouTube channel here

Fireworks part 2. Image Credit: Madeline Ferland.

PS: If you were unable to see the fireworks show, check out this video (18:20 min.) that an attendee took and posted on Youtube! The sound is muted, so don’t worry about any loud firework noises. 

Screenshot from Claremont NH Independance Day fireworks 2024. Image Credit: Tank Brotherhood on YouTube.

Come Join Us Next Year!

Mark your calendars now and start planning for next year’s celebration (hopefully on the actual holiday, July 4!). And remember, your participation helps sustain this cherished tradition. Consider donating or buying a raffle ticket to support next year’s festivities.